The Team

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Mike Rondeau

Founder, Ear Glue Media // Host | Producer | Editor, The Cantina Cast // Man-E-Faces of the MOTU

Back in April 2011, Mike conned his good friend Brian (co-founder and former co-host of The Cantina Cast) into creating a Star Wars: The Old Republic podcast, igniting a spark and passion for podcasting. The rest, as they say, is history. Over the years of podcasting, Mike had a dream of creating a podcast network, and in August 2018, that dream became a reality with the launch of Ear Glue Media.

Mike’s passions extend beyond Star Wars, however. He joked incessantly over the years about creating a He-Man podcast, and after much pining that too, is coming to fruition with the introduction of Man-E-Faces of the Masters of the Universe podcast.

When the Dark Lord of Podcasting isn’t planning his galactic domination of podcasting, he spends his time with his daughter; hoping to pass on his love of Star Wars, He-Man, Indiana Jones, video games, and the classic movies he grew up enjoying.

Albert Padilla

Host | Producer, The Cantina Cast // The Basement

If you enjoy the eclectic and obscure, you just might fall in love with Albert. From the Death Star’s trash compactor number to Tony Hawk’s career editing videos for TurboGrafx-16, you will be hard pressed to find a better encyclopedia of random (and useless) knowledge than this man!

As a child of the 70’s and 80’s, Albert grew up on an unhealthy diet of Star Wars, video games, Saturday morning cartoons, MTV, Blockbuster Video late fees, breakfast cereals, 80’s TV shows that start with , “The A-Team,” and Steven Spielberg.

In true Ready Player One fashion, Albert really is a person who loves things!

Chris Jones ("Jonesy")

Host | Producer, The Cantina Cast

Affectionately known simply as Jonesy, Chris began listening to The Cantina Cast podcast in 2017, which ignited a somewhat latent Star Wars spark. Little did he know that less than a year later, in early 2018, he would co-host the show with Albert Padilla full time. It was a dream-he-didn’t-know-he-had come true. When he’s not Star Wars-ing, Jonesy enjoys listening to, and guesting on, other podcasts, such as Ear Glue Media’s Bad Gamers Anonymous and The Basement.

Beyond podcasting, he enjoys frequent trips to Disney World with his family, tries to keep up with his daughter’s dance schedule, and loves craft beers and the conversation that goes with sharing a pint with friends.

There’s also a rumor he might be Mike Rondeau’s part-time therapist.

Joe Kane

Community Manager, Ear Glue Media

Joe started listening to The Cantina Cast in 2017 as a long time Star Wars fan first dipping his toes into the analysis and dissection part of fandom. He found himself feeling right at home and quickly moved up to moderator for the Discord server.

Joe can be found at almost all hours of the day on Discord, where he is better known as Joebi-Wan Kaneobi, working to promote and preserve a healthy and inclusive community for the network. Occassionally, Joe can be found making a guest appearance on various Ear Glue Media podcasts as a novice podcaster trying not to muck things up while providing a millennial’s perspective.

When not managing the EGM community, Joe is an avid weightlifter, drone pilot, and gamer who is borderline obsessed with Marvel properties, video games, Star Trek, Star Wars, and pretty much everything that happened in the 80s. 

There are wild rumors that Joe is actually He-Man and can bench press a car. They aren’t true, but Joe isn’t dispelling any rumors.

James Giehm ("Crowley")

Host, Bad Gamers Anonymous

James has been podcasting for the better part of a decade. He began by “broadcasting” his weekly show live over the internet in 2008. Yes, the early days of podcasting were different. James has always created and hosted podcasts about geek culture and gaming. He formed Bad Gamers Anonymous in October of 2016, and released their first episode in January 2017.

When Crowley isn’t hard at work being a bad gamer, you can find him enjoying a good cigar or, at least, talking about cigars.

Josh McCrae

Social Media Manager, Ear Glue Media

After being left home alone while his family was on Christmas vacation in Paris, Josh discovered The Cantina Cast…and took his first steps into a much larger world.When not moderating the Ear Glue Media Discord server as the infamous Imperial Moonwalker, posting to Cantina Cast social media, or brainstorming new show ideas with network staff, Josh enjoys spending time with his family, passing on his geek knowledge to his kids, learning more about photography, and feeding his appetite for the cinema.

Although Josh spends most of his time looking to the horizon and not addressing the needs in front of his nose, he occasionally checks his email, so send him a note!