The Film Appraisers

Hosted ByJosh McCrae & Joe Kane

The podcast that valuates your favorite films. Join Josh, Joe, and Todd as they discuss a film that their guest holds dear and determine its worth with a critical evaluation of its narrative, technique, music, longevity, and uniqueness. Each episode they will make their guest an offer they can’t refuse.

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Bonus 001: Avengers Endgame Expectations

Josh, Joe, and an absent Todd welcome Jason, from the Smoking and Drinking in Space and Bad Gamers Anonymous podcasts, and James, from Bad Gamers Anonymous and Simply Stogies...

Episode 002: Violent, Vigilante, and Catholics

In the latest episode of The Film Appraisers, we are joined by the host of the Bad Gamers Anonymous and Simply Stogies podcast, James Giehm, to discuss his favorite...

Episode 001: Slackers, Bob, and Lasagna

In this, the pilot episode of The Film Appraisers, we welcome President and CEO of Ear Glue Media network, Mike Rondeau, to discuss his favorite film, Clerks, directed by...