A Special Message from Mike…

To commemorate the official launch of EarGlueMedia.com, EGM Founder Mike Rondeau would like to share a few words about this journey…

Today is the day we officially launch Ear Glue Media and this website. I’ve wanted to create a podcast network for the past 5 years, and over that time I’ve failed at those attempts. Today, a dream becomes a reality, but it was no easy road. Last winter, the Cantina Cast was on its last legs, I was burned out and uncertain if the passion was still there. Lucky for me, my wife and daughter encouraged me to keep going. They always believe in me and have my back, for which I am eternally grateful. If they had not said those words of encouragement, the Cantina Cast would have ended and Ear Glue Media never realized.

With the confidence and support of my family, I started to figure out how to keep and revitalize the Cantina Cast while focusing more attention on the network. It would seem The Force brought a handful of people into my life to make this a reality. Thanks to Albert, Jonesy, Joe, Josh, and even Crowley, the show marched on and EGM was born. It’s been an amazing experience working with each of you to fulfill this dream. What a world of difference a year can make.

Thanks to each of you for making one of my dreams come true. I look forward to our exciting future and hope listeners enjoy both our current and future content.


Feel free to contact Mike or any of the EGM crew via their bios here.