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Ear Glue Media was founded on quality content with high standards of audio. If you like what you’ve heard from our shows and would like to apply for consideration, please complete the form below in its entirety. By submitting the form, you are agreeing to the following:

  • All information in the application is true and accurate
  • Application does not guarantee acceptance to the network
  • All information may be shared with our review panel using third party storage tools such as e-mail, Google Drive, One Drive, etc
  • Show and episodes do not contain copyrighted artwork, music, or other material
  • Acceptance into Ear Glue Media is not an offer or confirmation of compensation
  • My podcast host(s) may be required to participate in cross-promotional activities. Such activities include recording a pre-roll for inclusion on other podcasts as part of Ear Glue Media, as well as including other Ear Glue Media show pre-rolls on my podcast
  • My podcast will continue to be owned and operated independently of Ear Glue Media. Ear Glue Media will not own my podcast or its contents. All agreements and responsibilities, legally and otherwise, are the sole responsibility of my podcast, its owner(s) and its host(s).
  • Ear Glue Media may remove my podcast from the network at any time and without notice

The Ear Glue Media review panel is committed to making a decision within 30 days of receiving all necessary information.