New EGM Podcast: The Film Appraisers!

Quiet on set! Sound ready? Camera ready? Roll sound! Roll camera! Action!

Ear Glue Media is proud to announce a brand new podcast to its family of shows: The Film Appraisers! Each episode, hosts Josh, Joe, and Todd welcome a guest to the projection booth, favorite film in tow, for viewing and critical evaluation of its narrative, technique, music, longevity, and uniqueness. Drawing inspiration from the renowned Antiques Roadshow, the team will ultimately value and make an “offer” to their guest for the film. Will it meet their guest’s expectations, or leave them with simply a personal treasure? Grab your ticket and tune in!

The Film Appraisers releases their pilot episode Friday, March 22, and can be found on iTunes and at Don’t see your favorite podcast service yet? Fear not! More services are coming soon!

Now, grab a bucket of popcorn, slather it in butter, sit back, and enjoy the show!

James Giehm, Content Manager
Chris Jones, VP Operations

Ep. 51 – Real Steel (2011)

In this week’s episode Jason welcomes fellow BGA co-host Joe to share some exciting news and review the film that put the rock in Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots, it’s 2011’s Real Steel.

Optimus Prime confirmed in Bumblebee 2

Build your own lightsaber with rancor teeth

James Gunn is back on Guardians of the Galaxy

270 Age of Republic, Part 2

This week Albert and Jonesy jump back into exploring more of the Marvel Star Wars comics. The guys dissect more of  Age of Republic to see if there’s anything of significance for the GFFA.
 Quick Episode Summary:

  • SWCC
  • Road to Celebration bonus episodes
  • Update on the Cantina Cast at SWCC
  • New Panels
  • More Guests announced
  • Maul and Ash
    • Crime syndicate roots
    • Rush to hunt and Kill
    • Sniffing Ashes, oh my!
  • Dooku and the Cost
    • Setting up a young Jedi Knight
    • Sidious puts Dooku in his place
    • Using Qui-Gon’s death for an advantage
  • Grievous and the Burn
    • The Old Republic connection
    • Another Vision 
    • Grievous’ perception of Self vs. The Forces perception of him
  • Shout-outs

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Road to Celebration, Part One

Join Albert and Jonesy as we interview some of the behind the scenes crew members at the Cantina Cast and Ear Glue Media ahead of the Road to Celebration Chicago!

This week, Albert sits down with the Producer and Editor of the Cantina Cast, President of Ear Glue Media, and the Dark Lord of Podcasting himself, Mike Rondeau. Mike shares the origins of the Cantina Cast, reminisces on Celebration Anaheim, and looks ahead at further projects and endeavors.

269 The Lightsaber Episode

Albert and Jonesy go over some recent Celebration Chicago news and then jump into a conversation about the most iconic weapon in all of film! The Lightsaber. Quick episode Summary:

  • Queen’s Shadow early impressions
  • Dave Filoni shares a possible future of Ahsoka and Sabine
  • “How Not To Get Eaten By Ewoks, And Other Galactic Survival Skills”
  • SWCC Round Up
  • The Cantina Cast on the Podcast Stage
  • Origins of the Lightsaber
  • Mechanics and Usage
  • Crystals and Colors
  • Hilts
  • Variations
  • Notable uses and scenes
  • Shout-Outs

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Live from the SWCC Podcast Stage: “The Wisdom of Star Wars”

Live from Star Wars Celebration the Cantina Cast presents, “The Wisdom of Star Wars”, a collection of memorable quotes from Star Wars movies and television decomposed into three main themes: Letting Go, Good and Evil, and Failure. The Cast will explore instances in Star Wars past, present, and future where characters either chose to adhere or ignore these words of wisdom, and the repercussions for doing so in both. Come join us Saturday, April 13 at 11:00 am on the Podcast Stage in McCormick Place West, Room W-193 A,B.

Keep checking Ear Glue Media’s SWCC page for events and content as the Cantina Cast begins the Road to Celebration!

Ep. 49 – Oblivion (2013)

This week Rob is back to discuss the movie that wanted to be a reboot of 2001 but was more of a blue screen of death instead starring Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman and Olga Kurylenko, it’s 2013’s Oblivion.

Links discussed this week…
Introducing your newest KFC Colonel… Robocop?
Man in the High Castle is cancelled after Season 4
Nightflyers is cancelled
Genius Girl Scout cookie marketing
The Chinese blockbuster that could

Links discussed this week…
Yesterday movie trailer:
AI is creating pictures of people… who don’t exist!

268 Resistance Reaction

Albert and Jonesy go over a whole lot of news and then breakdown the past 6 episodes of Star Wars: Resistance.
Quick Episode Summary:

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Ep. 48 – Stargate (1994)

In this week’s episode, Crowley from Bad Gamers Anonymous joins Jason as they discuss the film that gets sand in all the nooks and crannies but still managed to start a franchise starring Kurt Russell, James Spader and Mili Avital, it’s 1994’s Stargate.

Links discussed this week…
Yesterday movie trailer
AI is creating pictures of people… who don’t exist!

267 Listener Feedback/Questions

This week Albert and Jonesy answer listener questions and speculation. Quick Episode Summary:

  • Every Star Wars Character is getting a TV series (sarcasm)
  • Which is better TV or Featured Film?
  • More SWCC guests announced
  • The Phantom Menace 20th anniversary panel announced
  • Listener Questions/Speculation
  • Will Mortis return?
  • Will we have more Force focused plots?
  • Why didn’t Darth Sidious sense Darth Vader turning to the light?
  • What lightsaber duel have you always wanted to see?
  • Did Qui-Gon and Shmi have feelings for one another?
  • Will we see Lord & Miller’s version of Solo: A Star Wars Story?
  • Prophecy question!
  • Will we see Ezra’s story continue?
  • Is the Force a living entity?
  • Shout-outs  
  • Next Week

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