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The Cantina Cast

Hosted ByAlbert & Jonesy

The home of thought-provoking Star Wars discussion, Character Dissections, and Scene Analysis. We cover all aspects of Star Wars from the movies, television, novels, comics, video games, and collecting. With a specialty in exploring the symbolism and digging deep into characters and scenes in the Star Wars saga.

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The Basement

Hosted ByAlbert with Special Guests

A Ready Player One podcast for people who love things! The Basement is your companion to the Ready Player One novel. Join Albert and his co-hosts each episode as they breakdown the novel and dive into the plethora of pop culture references through a series of homework assignments and challenges.

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Bad Gamers Anonymous

Hosted ByCrowley

A show dedicated to helping bad gamers sack up and git gud. Join Crowley each week as he reviews the latest games, discuss issues that impact gamers, shares what he's playing, and gives his generally bad opinions on all things gaming. Disclaimer: This show may not actually improve your gaming skills.

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Man-E-Faces of the MOTU

Hosted ByMike & Friends

Join Mike Rondeau as he introduces a new Masters of the Universe podcast: Man-E-Faces of the MOTU. Featuring his trademark character breakdowns, Mike explores interesting, and potentially inappropriate, things about these beloved 80s childhood action figures-turned-television sensations. Listen now, Hero!

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EGM Round-table

Hosted ByEGM Staff

Coming soon! Join the hosts of your favorite Ear Glue Media family of podcasts, and perhaps a few friends of the shows, for a rousing and fun-filled round-table discussion across a variety of topics, and of course the latest at EGM. Warning: Some episodes may contain explicit content.

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